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April 01, 2004: Dead... Eggplant?
Webcomic April 1, 2004
Unfortunately, not everyone was happy about Dead Baby. Due to threats of a lawsuit from various pro-life groups, I have been forced to change the strip to Dead Eggplant. I'll fix the rest of the site layout and stuff later on too.
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naejlnjlaenl at April 2, 2004 08:17 AM said:
eggplant? more like yourmomplant.

pat at April 2, 2004 04:55 PM said:
eggplant's good. Mmmm...egplant. no, not as good as dead baby. blah.

erin at April 2, 2004 07:21 PM said:
a cease and decist letter??? poor alan! dead eggplant is the best!

amanda at April 6, 2004 06:59 PM said:
oh man thats really sucky. oh my gosh, its not like you were shouting "I HATE BABIES THEY MUST DIE LETS ALL BE PRO ABORTION" or anything. it was just an innocent cartoon. and, youre just a teenage boy having some innocent fun....blah = mad. .Amanda.

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