Dead BabyA webcomic by Alan V.
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About "Dead Baby"

Why a dead baby?
As almost everyone probably knows, I have a fetish for dead babies. David and Vicki have been drawing lately, and I thought David should start his own webcomic, which gave me the idea to start my own webcomic starring dead babies. The result is what you see before you, or what you wish you weren't seeing.

Why do all the strips look the same?
I was inspired by Qwantz, which is a dinosaur webcomic. What is unique about this webcomic, however, is the fact they use the same image day after day, changing only the text. I'll pretty much be following that, changing only the text and a the "held items" from day to day, leaving the basic images the same. It's amazing how much you can do in three static frames.

Will they ALWAYS look the same?
No. I will change the main images every week or two, whenever I feel like it. I like drawing dead babies. Using only those three drawings forever would kinda make me sad :(

Can I link to Dead Baby?
Wow, yes! I would be so flattered. You can find the link buttons here

How can I contact you?
Want to rave about how great the comic is? (Yeah, right.) Just want to contact me? You can email me about the comic at You can also send in suggestions for future strips. If your idea is used, you'll be creditted!

What other webcomics do you read?
Well, first of all, I read David's webcomic, That I Am. Also, you HAVE to read Cow Goes Moo and Haiku Circus, the best webcomics EVAR!!! Besides that, I sometimes check in on Penny Arcade, Boy on a Stick and Slither, Poo Poo Pants, and Qwantz. I don't read any of them regularly though.

Which is your favorite?
Comic-wise, That I Am is my favorite, probably because I know the creator. As for specific strips, This particular Haiku Circus comic as well as this one are perfect, and quite possibly my most favorite webcomics ever. All of Cow Goes Moo is really good too, though.

Anyway, please read "Dead Baby" and enjoy! Comments are greatly appreciated.

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