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January 23, 2004: Beans
Webcomic Jan 23, 2004
I figured I should post a comic before I leave on my trip. Anyway, here Dead Baby eats beans. Just because it's dead doesn't mean it can't get gas!
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Vicki at January 23, 2004 09:41 PM said:
The extremely derranged Alan V, ladies and gentlemen...

Amanda at January 23, 2004 09:45 PM said:
EWW That's all there is to say about this matter. Amanda

Zelda at January 23, 2004 09:58 PM said:
OK...that was weird!

JÚsus at January 24, 2004 01:48 PM said:
blew my mind

Pat V. at February 10, 2004 10:54 AM said:
I didn't know dead babies could fart ... I learn something new every day! THANKS ALAN V.

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